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Recovering From Abuse

If you are a survivor of incest - rape -
physical abuse - or other traumas -
you should know that recovery is possible.  

The experience of abuse usually is frightening and confusing.
Hurtful reactions from family members and friends often
make things worse.

As a result, survivors often have problems with trusting other people. They may feel cut off from their feelings or unsafe - they may experience nightmares, flashbacks and other difficulties.

I have a lot of experience working with survivors of sexual abuse, especially incest and rape. When I was a professor at U.C. Irvine, I taught classes on sexual assault, and developed support groups for survivors of assault. These experiences led me to become a therapist. In my Orange County office, I offer therapy for sexual abuse survivors, especially incest.

In therapy, we will begin by developing trust and safety in our relationship. I will do my best to create a safe and supportive place. Gradually you will become more powerful and will take steps to reach your goals and be happier.



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