FRANCESCA CANCIAN   Ph.D. Sociology - M.A., M.F.T.
Individual and Relationship Therapy - Newport Beach - California
Therapy for Better Relationships - Better Love - Better Sex!
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Sex Therapy

I help couples and individuals with many
different sexual issues. Couples often
struggle with lack of sexual desire or
argue about how often to have sex.

Men may worry about their erections. Women may have
problems getting turned on or having an orgasm. And most of us
worry about whether our sexual fantasies and actions are normal.

The truth is that - it’s normal to have problems with sex. That’s because most of us have
learned myths about sex, not accurate scientific information. And many of us learned to be ashamed and secretive about our sexuality.

I can help you.  I am an experienced, Certified Sex Therapist. Using this training, I provide sex therapy in my Orange County office. I can tell you the facts about sex, and help you enjoy your sex life more.

How therapy can help you -

Depending on your issues, therapy may focus on -

Increasing your pleasure and your connection with your partner

Learning to talk about sex with your partner

Resolving conflicts and disappointments in your relationship that may contribute to sexual problems

Developing realistic expectations about sex, to replace media images of instant passion and simultaneous orgasms

Using specific techniques to overcome problems such as painful intercourse or unpredictable erections

Through our work together, you can improve your sex life.


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